Swissvale Borough initiates mandatory Dye Testing for all Sellers of Homes in Swissvale Borough!

     May 26th 1999 Ordinance Number 99-2.., the Swissvale Borough will now require all homes to be dye tested  "in order to determine if any Storm of Surface Water is illegally connected into the Municipal Sanitary Sewer System of the Borough of Swissvale"

     Because this is a NEW requirement for all home sellers,  Regent Square on the Web is making available all of the information pertaining to this Certification of Compliance. In addition to the Building Occupancy Permit required at closing, all home owners in the Swissvale, Edgewood and Wilkinsburg area will now be required to have a Dye Test done as well. The following information is for Swissvale only. Regent Square on the Web will inquire at the Boroughs of Edgewood  and Wilkinsburg in keeping you abreast of all Real Estate matters pertaining to the selling of your home


Drawings of Violations and Procedures of Dye Testing

Facility and Structure Dye Testing Application for Certificate of Compliance

Required Procedures for Dye Testing of Structures

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