Hello and Happy New Year and good health to you and your family!

     As I am walking around the neighborhood I am asked again and again about writing another article for the newsletter. Just to inform, I am not on the RSCA and do not have the ability to place articles at will in the neighborhood newsletter. The good people at the RSCA do that. And when they allow, I send them an article and they choose when and what to use.

    Although we are in the winter months, the Real Estate market is starting to brew! Buyers are just around the corner, and as I’ve always said, the early listings seem to get better prices because there is little on the market for Buyers to choose..
         For some of you new neighbors, let me tell you about myself. Patti and I moved to Regent Square in Feb of 1987. I have been active in the Real Estate market ever since. I have personally successfully marketed over 185 homes in this neighborhood, a number I am very very proud of! You will find more information on the local website www.regentsquare.com  under Real Estate (where you probably found this new article). It will tell you even more about me, interest rates, your neighbors views, and the area, and don't forget to keep up on the message forums at

    One quick point. I would like to mention that the www.regentsquare.com website is now receiving over 2500 visits monthly! Yes that's 2500 visitors reading, posting, learning about our neighborhood monthly! They come from as far as overseas, one person wrote me last week who used to live on East End Ave, and now works in Japan. He said he "loved living here, misses it terribly and hopes to return to live here again someday," and as close as Lancaster Avenue. 

     The new 2006 market has yet to be really tested and as you may have noticed there are quit a few homes still on the market from last spring! A sign in my opinion of either misguided or lack of marketing and/or overpricing. Homes in our neighborhood sell rather quickly if marketed and priced correctly. Lately there have been more For Sale by Owners than ever before. Sellers what to get as much as they can which of course is their right and privilege. But, I have seen many homes in our neighborhood that I felt could have sold for more money if they would have listed their home with a Realtor. Reason: Most Buyers do not like buying For Sale By Owners for the following reasons:

         1. They don't like negotiating with Sellers directly. They prefer having someone represent them.

         2. They don't understand the complications of inspections, negotiation, financing, area selection and many more factors.

         3. They just don't want to be bothered.

The reason I believe that Sellers could get more money for their homes is that there is a much much larger pool of Buyers when going through the Multi-List. And, in my opinion because of this you can find that one or two or three Buyers that will offer you a better price. I have listed properties (many of them) that have been on the market by Sellers previously to being Multi-Listed and have had no offers during that For Sale by Owner period, and when I have listed the property, I have raised the price and received more that one offer! Strange but true. Supply and Demand, it is simple. That is why the Multi-List exists.

     To cover another subject, as you may have read in the many posts in the Frick Park section of the Message Board, Frick Park has had a big face lift and more work will be done this year. The park has and will continue to be a big draw to our area. We appreciate what has and will be done in the future. If you have questions and concerns about the Frick Park area be sure to leave a post at http://www.regentsquare.com/wwwboard/index.asp?sub=show&action=topics&fid=8 and George Due the Moderator of this Forum can  help you or guide you to the right path.

     I look forward as I always do during this time of the year, when my phone rings off the hook with Sellers looking to move, and Buyers wanting to come to our neighborhood! Some of the calls I receive are about zoning, dye tests, mortgage rates, and many other Real Estate matters. It is sometimes challenging to answer all of the questions, but if I don't know the answer to a question, I can usually send them to the right person. If I can be of help to you, or you know of someone that is looking to Sell in our area, let me know. You can always reach me at fred@regentsquare.com or 412.731.5300.

Below are some of the properties that have Sold in our area in the last 6 months or so.


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