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    Fred I. Leff is an Associate Broker. As opposed to a Sales Associate, an Associate Broker has the initial schooling and training of a Sales Associate but must complete a rigorous academia of extensive courses, e.g. Financing, Home Construction, Seller and Buyer Agency and more, and must at course completion pass a required in-depth State exam which only a small percentage pass their first time out! Therefore, offering his clientele an expertise in buying and/or selling the largest financial investment of most Americans, their homes.  


      Fred has been licensed since 1983! Over twenty years! Most of that time he has lived in Regent Square and specialized in the area. He is aware of what makes homes sell, what Buyers’ want, and most importantly what Buyers’ are willing to spend their hard earned money on. Fred has sold properties for over full price many times. "It is his knowledge of our area, and the personal touch that he offers to each of his clients that sets him apart from the other Realtors I interviewed" said one successful Seller. "When you list your home with Fred, you are placing possibly the largest investment of your life in the best of hands!"


     The Regent Square/Edgewood/Frick Park area is split into the City of Pittsburgh, the Borough of Swissvale, the Borough of Edgewood and Wilkinsburg. It is important to know the ins and outs of each of these areas! For example: the Boroughs of Swissvale, Edgewood and Wilkinsburg each require a dye test and an encompassing Occupancy Inspection.

     Fred has worked with the different Borough Employees and is aware   of what will be required when selling in each of these Municipalities which could save a great deal of money to Sellers’ and Buyers’ he represents. These are important issues because most Sellers will negotiate with Buyers on these Inspections and Dye Tests to get to the closing!

  Fred is the Owner/Operator/and Webmaster (manages website) of www.regentsquare.com one of the largest neighborhood websites in the city of Pittsburgh! This site is visited by more than 15,000 web surfers per year. A great assest when selling your home!  (See below-actually taken from the statistics of the www.regentsquare.com web site.) "Pageviews" is term for the


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numbers of visitors (per month).


        This is important! Because of the website Fred receives leads from lots of Buyers, and most knowledgeable agents visit the website as well when they are working with Buyers in the area to find the most up to date listing information for homes on the market. "I’ve sold many of the homes through the Regent Square website!  It’s sometimes the first place Buyers start their search, and sometimes it ends there as well!"

       Fred has successfully marketed over 185 homes in our area  (5 just in April alone!) and is more experienced selling homes in the Regent Square/Frick Park/ Edgewood areas than other agents.

        Listing a home is the simplest part of the selling process for a Realtor!  The work starts from the time the listing is put into the Multi-list computers and continues when the Agreement of Sale is presented through closing!  The battery of showings, inspections, negotiations, and paperwork, are just a few parts of the sale where Fred excels!

      Many Buyers come from the more expensive areas of the country. "We get Buyers from Washington D.C., the West Coast, and New York just to name a few. That is why I joined Prudential Preferred Realty. They have the best relocation department in my opinion! When Buyers’ come to our area their first contact may be with a relocation department of PPR in their home city, and they are shown our listings."

For Sale by Owner

     Some of the Sellers in our area have tried selling their home by themselves, Fred has some important information for those sellers, "Sellers seem to think that if they sell their home themselves that they are saving the Real Estate Commission. While that might be true, they are usually not saving in the end. Most buyers are shopping with Real Estate Agents. Therefore those sellers are missing a large part of the market." Fred continues by useing an example. "If a Seller were to put their home on the market for $280,000 as a For Sale by Owner and end up at $270,000, if the Realtor were charging a 7% commission they would believe they were saving $270,000 x 7%=$18,900. But I have found that if those same sellers would open their home to a much greater market e.g. listing with a Realtor, they could increase that price over and above the $18,900, place the home on the market for $315,000 and with the extensive marketing open that home to a buyer that will pay the price. The Seller not only receives a greater net but also and just as important, hires a fiduciary to represent their best interests in not only the price, but  home inspection, radon, tax information and proration, occupancy permits and inspections, dye tests, and a myriad of other issues all of which affect the bottom line. Our job as Realtors is to represent our clients as if they were us!"

In conclusion.....

 Fred Leff strives to help Buyers and Sellers with one of the most complicated processes of their adult life! Buying and/or selling a home can be a daunting task. "I’ve observed Agents lose a Buyer or a Seller thousands of dollars with just one wrong sentence or misguided comment. I take my job very seriously," Fred states. And we can see how true that is. At the current time Fred has over 7 homes on the market and 5 are currently under agreement!   

Don't leave the largest investment of your life in the hands of anyone else but the best.   Allow Prudential Preferred Realty and Fred to add you to their large list of satisfied clients.....give Fred a call at 412-731-5300 or email him now at fred@regentsquare.com

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