Real Estate in the Square-


                                       Personal and Historical Introduction

                                                         By: Fred Leff




ver the years it has been suggested by many of the Regent Square residents that I write Real Estate Articles in the Regent Square Newsletter.  I recently wrote to John Danzak (our wonderful and hard working editor at large), asking if he thought it was a good idea. When he said yes and gave me some ideas, I thought now would be a good time to start.

     Let me introduce myself. I am Fred Leff. I am a Real Estate Associate Broker with Prudential Preferred Realty in Squirrel Hill. I specialize in the Regent Square, Edgewood, Frick Park, Swissvale areas and serve as the webmaster and owner of Regent Square on the Web I have been in Real Estate for almost 20 years. I moved to the Regent Square area in 1987. The story behind how I came to this wonderful area is as charming as the area itself.

    When I was 16 years old I went to a dance club that some of you my age may remember called the Varsity House. It was in Oakmont.  One night when I was there I met 2 really cute girls. Robin Myers and Kathy King. Some of you old timers may remember those last names. Robin lived on Lancaster and Kathy lived on the corner of Milton and Henrietta. Robin and I started dating. When I first came to Robinís house I was amazed that there was this really beautiful, charming, tree-lined, red bricked street area, somewhat hidden part of the city, surrounded by a park! (well mostly surrounded by a park). I promised myself that someday I would live in Regent Square. Many years later I fulfilled that promise and purchased the home I live in now on Trevanion Avenue back by the park.


    Real Estate in the Square has been nothing but good!  The history of our area, as to Real Estate (at least as long as Iíve been here) has been on the rise. When I first moved to the area the 3 bedroom (Holly) homes 3 bedrooms 1 bath (some with garages, some not), 4 to 5 bedrooms 1 to 2 Ĺ baths  (some with garages, some not), and the larger 5 bedrooms and up 1 to 3 or even 4 baths (some with garages, some not), were selling for $60k-$75k,   $80k-$110k  and   $125k-$150k respectively.

    Most of those owners had been here for long stretches. Robinsí and Kathyís families for example.  I sold Robinsí momsí home not that long ago.

     Much has changed!  Now those same homes are selling for $100k-$160ks, $130-$200s and up up and away!  Some of the more custom homes: craftsman, old world charm, larger homes, have sold for in the upper 300ís!  Quite amazing to some of the senior residents.

    The average home owner was staying in the square raising their families and living out their retirement. Some retiring from the local companies that made the square what it is today. Now, those companies are long gone and only topics of conversation between the new and the senior neighbors.

 The new homeowners are singles, couples (or family on the way) and younger families. Some only stay 6 years or less moving on to places unknown. Some are staying put moving a block or 3 to larger homes in our area. Staying put because of what the Square has to offer. I recently got a call from a young family who had just purchased a larger home a block away on the same street asking me to help with their existing 3 bedroom home which they now needed to sell.

   As you can see the Square is ever-changing. New homeowners coming for the rich, relaxing, and convenient lifestyle the Square has to offer and others moving on.



Articles to follow will cover such topics as:  How to prep your home for sale, improvements that are worth making and others that are not, pricing your home, mortgage information and much more. If you have a question or a topic, stop by the Regent Square Web Site or email me at


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