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As a Real Estate Broker working predominantly in this area, I am often asked by new Buyers and existing home owners which contractors I suggest for plumbing, remodeling, electrical updates, additions, ceramic tile, hard wood floor refinishers, etc. I've decided to use our Web site as a place for you to make recommendations!


Please list contractors that you have had personal experience with ONLY! We all know someone that we can mention, but unless they've actually done work for you please don't mention them. Please email your suggestions photos if you have them, and a short note to us and we'll post them here for all to see AND USE! (be sure to include name and what they specialize in number if you have one! Also feel free to say who you had a problem with, that way we can save our neighbors from the same mistake..after all...isn't that what this is for!)


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     This is the hardware store that myself and my neighbors use when we need  something from keys to glass, paint, cut and threaded pipe, redo screens or doors, they also make new storm doors and screens and a lot more! Stan and Ray offer the kind of help that you need when you have a question. I believe you can't get that kind of expertise from Lowes, Home depot, and some of the other massive stores that you just can't find anyone who is knowledgeable about your issue!  You can reach them at 412-271-3160. They'll keep you coming back like they have with me and my wife.

     On a personal note, I was in Monroeville the other day and I needed water pipe insulation to cover my pipes that were on an outside wall, and some brass screws for a door hinge. I went into Lowes. I just couldn't find anyone to help me find the right size brass screws. So, I hopped back in my car and on my way home I stopped at Masters. Stan went in back and brought out the screws I needed in seconds. 62 cents! What a bargain!


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A Construction Company

They do Green Construction

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Sliding Sunflower-stem door-all GREEN!


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Our Team

Scot in the middle bottom

Call us at 412-720-5293

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     100_6560.JPG (108354 bytes)

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Concrete counter tops, bamboo floors, pella windows

Did our home on Richmond Street, great job, ZB and Jen.

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Painting inside and out!


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Edgar of Alvarado & Sons  Painting

Does great painting inside and out

I recommend him highly. Reliable and honest

you can reach him at 412-583-7719 or 412-421-5123

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The guy who has done a lot of yardwork and odd jobs for me and others in the
square is Calvin Rose.  his number is 412-215-8370.  He is a great helper to many.  one man took him to
cabin in Ligonier to help there..

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We recently had a bathroom completely renovated and I would like to
recommend someone for your contractor list, based on our positive
experience.  This should go under General Contractor (like George Pcolar
who is already on your site).

My recommendation is for AJ Stones.  We were very pleased with the
following features of AJ's work:

-- AJ always took extremely thorough measures to contain dirt and debris
from the (indoor) work site.  In general, AJ uses envornmentally friendly
practices and materials.
-- AJ only works one job at a time.  He does some work himself,
and he coordinates the various subcontractors (e.g. plaster, insulation,
plumbing) who come in, in person; the key point is that AJ is on site
himself almost every day.  Also, AJ has long-term relationships with the
subcontractors he uses, and all of them were excellent.
-- AJ worked with us to design a plan that suited our needs and would
yield high quality results.  He was very open to integrating additional
steps that came up while the work was in progress, and even suggested some
of these (e.g. taking advantage of open walls to run additional wires;
adding insulation to areas other than the bathroom being renovated).
-- AJ provides regular budget updates, with charges broken down into
various categories.  He also checks email and phone messages regularly and
is quick to respond to them.

AJ can be reached at 412-241-6042 or
He also maintains a website at

--Jonathan Rubin
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Painting Interior and Exterior

Ed Lehman's Painting


"Does excellent work"..  Fred & Patti Trevanion Ave

Ed Crew.jpg (50400 bytes)











Our house was in need of a lot of work, Ed and his crew did a great job, we had him come inside to do some of our interior rooms where he and his crew excelled as well!

Ed on ladde.jpg (30578 bytes)










Ed the man himself, high on a ladder working hard! Doing the hard detail work-Sanding!

Bernie on ladder.jpg (29569 bytes)











    Bernie - Working hard on the Front


Ed fin.jpg (59933 bytes)Ed-Slide-Showbest.gif (543045 bytes)

Ed and the crew with the finished side of our home. We were thrill with Ed his crew and his expertise for which paint and color to use!  Thanks guys!!!     Fred and Patti 6-07   Use them you won't regret it!

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Concrete Work

Naz has been in the concrete business for almost 40 years. I chose him because he has done so much work in the Square! He gave me more referrals than I could call, and each to the person said good things about him. Here is a sample of some of his work! You can reach him at (412) 829-8227

Naz6 (1).jpg (53153 bytes)

This is Naz on a very hot day during the summer of 2006 doing concrete work in the Square! Didn't miss a days work, although he had just had major surgery only 2 months ago! And A GREAT GUY!






Naz6 (2).jpg (67897 bytes)









         Pouring the concrete from the truck                    

Naz6 (5).jpg (56817 bytes)








Working the concrete into the framing

Naz6 (4).JPG (73052 bytes)







Naz6 (3).jpg (33410 bytes)












Concrete settles in.......

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     My favorite General Contractor is George Pcolar 724-744-4520..he doesn't always call you back right away, but keep after him, when you meet him you will agree as all others have it's worth the wait.  Patti and I have used him for most of the repairs and maintenance on our home at 1241 Trevanion Ave. We just added a new porch on the rear (actually the front) of our home. Here are the photos of the work in progress,  George and his crew...son David and Brian!


Tell George that Fred said to call from the Regent Square Web Site!            





                                                                                             The old porch is No More!



      On a real cold day they kept working! 









Our newly finished porch..just what we contracted for!!!!


Recommendation Categories 


KENJOCO 412-351-1970, 1919 MCClure Street, Swissvale

I have called them many times, and each time I get excellent service at very
reasonable fees. They are a small company with an office in Swissvale. They
have great expertise-they solved an airconditioner problem--over time, it
couldn't keep up, and I had actually had four other service companies
out-but KEN found  and fixed the problem on his first visit.  They also
serviced my home furnace, arranged for a special air filter, etc.  They are
nice guys!

When you call, leave a message on the machine and they will get back to
you--they are often out on jobs....


Jerry Stalinsky


Doesn't work for a big company-great prices and good work


Termite Company-

Sani Products

Best prices for the best work 412-322-5900

used them and they did a great termites now.




David Hood & Sons Inc

Phone: (412) 824-4610 1134 Rodi Road, Turtle Creek, PA 15145

They do alot of roofing in the Square. My neighbor had them strip off a roof and put on a new one. Good Job.


Heating and Air Conditioning

L & F Heating Mark or Jack 412-621-4433





Floor Refinishers






Ernie - all around handyman


Services include:  painting, tree removal, yard work and a little bit of this and that!  


Landscaping and Lawn care



If you'd like to add a category ..please email us!

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